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Terry Weinberg MA
Psychotherapy, Psychological Counseling, Couples Therapy

Welcome to my website, hoping this will be your first step towards our acquaintance. As I was born in Israel to a British family and also did some of my Academic studies abroad, I can offer you to choose between English or Hebrew during our sessions.

My offices are located both in Ramat Aviv and Modiin and I work with many Anglo-Saxons in these areas, for whom an English speaking therapist is a must.

With over 20 years of experience as a therapist, and a huge variety of therapeutic tools I attained throughout those years, I can tailor the right methods, techniques and professional approaches which will meet your unique and special needs in therapy.

What guides me as a therapist is the profound belief that each soul is so unique and special, with a different background, culture, temperament, memories, feelings, thoughts, goals and values and hence its journey in this world is so special and different than others. Having been trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches, including the psychodynamic approach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), NLP, Mindfulness and many more, I realized that although so many people experience stress, anxieties, depression, mourn and losses or face difficulties in their intimate relations, I'm capable to choose the unique combination of methods for you to resolve these issues, attain personal growth, get in touch with your deepest emotions (sometimes covered under massive layers of sub consciousness), learn to communicate more efficiently with the world around you and especially in intimate relationships, strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence and build a strong identity through which you'll feel confident to choose your battles and win them.  

In the stressful life most of us experience, one of the first questions I'm frequently asked is "how long will I have to be in therapy". So although I view long-term psychotherapy as more effective, particularly for complexed or profound/long term problems, I also use more focused, time-limited approaches when possible.

Therapy for me is not only a job but also a way of life and takes a huge part of my identity and personality which I bring with me into the clinic. As I have experienced throughout the years, the quality of client-therapist relationship is the best predictor of the psychotherapy outcome, it's important for me to develop relationships of trust and collaboration with my clients and strive to be there for you as much as possible with all my heart.

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